Amy Seal Bio

Amy Stevens Seal is the founder and CEO of The Love Experts Inc. and The LDS Matchmaker. Her training with world-renowned industry experts, over fifteen years of corporate recruiting, and an MBA from BYU have all given Amy deep professional experience. However, her real schooling and wisdom has come from conquering the debilitating heartbreak and doubt she has faced through many discouraging trials.

Although she was faithful to her marriage covenants, in her late twenties Amy found herself divorced and “single again” after a temple marriage. Then, at the age of thirty-eight, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as a result of the chemotherapy, she struggled with infertility issues. However, Amy never gave up on her dreams and, after beating cancer, she continued in faith and hope to develop her profession and social connections. Amy’s experiences led her to launch the largest LDS-focused matchmaking and date coaching firm in the world. Through her business, she has had the privilege of assisting hundreds of singles achieving their relationship goals.

After thirteen years of being “single again”, Amy found her prince charming, Derek. She and her husband live in gratitude for the gifts of hope, faith and perseverance gained through their trials. Amy is now the proud step-mother of Derek’s six wonderful children-and against all odds, at the age of forty-four, they had twin boys in November 2016.