Dennis D. Wildman Bio

Bishop Dennis Wildman is a native of Logan, UT. He is married to the love of his life, Lynette Wildman, who is also a native of Logan, Utah. They have three wonderful children: Natosha, a 24 year old young lady who came to Dennis and Lynette at the perfect time in their lives, Kinkade a 20-year-old young man who also shares a deep passion for sports, and finally Kenya who is 15 and is Dennis’ ‘little sweetheart’. Dennis and Lynette now are proud to have two sons since Natosha married Brandon Taukei’aho December 14, 2013. Denis is proud of his little granddaughter. Natosha and Brandon have brought an additional little bundle of joy to their family: Aiena Melavea Lineti Taukei’aho.

Dennis received his Bachelors of Science from Utah State University in Psychology while participating in college athletics on a football scholarship. He later received a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Utah. Dennis’ focused area of study while at the University of Utah was in health care management and medical social work.

Dennis has 29 plus years of expertise as a Certified Social Worker, with extensive experience in individual, family counseling, and group support services. He has spent the last 22 years with an emphasis in the health care field. He is currently employed by Sunshine Terrace Foundation and recently was promoted to “Alliance Director”. Dennis’ duties focus on delivery of services in of all six of Sunshine Terrace Foundation’s companies while developing strategic alliances with allied health care agencies.

Dennis presently serves as the Bishop of his home ward the Dry Canyon Ward, in the Mount Logan Stake. Dennis has served as the Young Men’s President two times and he feels this really help prepare him to be the bishop. Dennis has served as a High Councilor in a Young Adult Stake, while also presiding over ten stakes as the Coordinating Council for Sports in Northern Utah.

As a native of Logan, Utah, and born and raised just five blocks south of Sunshine Terrace Foundation, Dennis has a vested interest as the Foundation serves many of the individual and families that were a part of his upbringing. Dennis was born in to the Covent but was not raised in the church. Dennis was raised in a family where alcoholism was very prevalent. This is why Dennis often can be heard saying If you think your neighbors don’t have a problem you don’t know your neighbors.

While leading and guiding as the Alliance Director at Sunshine Terrace Foundation and also as the bishop of his ward he often can be heard asking, “If this were your family, what would we do?” As a Medical Social Worker, he offers a wide range of Outreach and Aftercare Social Work skills and resources in an effort to bridge the needs of the patient’s families and facilities with that of our local and state community. Dennis’ management style is much like his athletic background, a Team Unity and Strengths Perspective model, where we identify people’s strengths and create an environment for Success.