LDS singles activities and social events in and around Cache Valley

Unknown to most Cache Valley singles there is actually quite a few Church sponsored LDS singles activities going on regularly in the Valley. And we are talking about activities for the mature singles age group of 46 years plus. When these activities happen a Stake generally hosts them. Many times the sponsoring Stake invites a few other Stakes to participate, making it a multi stake singles activity.   The reason most LDS single adults don’t know about these activities is they do not see it printed in the bulletin at church, or were not in their ward the week it was printed. With all the mission farewells, baby blessings and other family get together’s going on, people frequently miss attending their own ward, thereby missing the announcements. In a perfect world, your home teachers would tell you about these Stake activities when they come to visit each month, before the activity. But alas, we are not yet in that perfect world. Communications in our fast paced world is an issue.

Singles are turning to the Internet looking for involvement in LDS singles activities but currently, little LDS activities are being found in Logan or Cache Valley. There are 100s of single adults LDS individuals who are looking for clean, wholesome social activities to participate in.  This website hopes to change that by being a clearing house for all the LDS single adult activities going on in, and around cache valley that are church sponsored events, and getting found when people are looking! Some Stakes in the valley are not currently hosting LDS singles activities at this time. But more and more are starting to get Single Adult Reps in place to host these activities. I

It is shocking how many people in or around Cache Valley are looking for things to do on the weekends. Many empty nest singles who are frustrated spending their weekends and evenings alone who are looking for friends to socialize with. When they search around, they don’t find anything. There has not been a website for LDS Singles over 45 in Cache Valley for several years.

Several years ago there was a website called Cache Singles.   It was the hub for all the Logan singles activities happening in the area. That website has gone defunct and the domain name expired. Still, people are searching for that website and more importantly, its content. The listing of LDS singles activities that website used to show. We have on this website an “LDS singles calendar” showing events coming up. We hope you will take some time to visit that page. Many of those Cache Singles people are still participating in Stake dance Utah but there are few of those going on. The church leaders are starting to get the Single Adult programs for 46 plus going again in the Valley. It just takes time. If your Stake is not hosting LDS singles events contact your Stake President. Ask him who your Single Adult Reps are. Ask them about what their plans are. Offer to help.   The more people who pitch in to help plan, host and run these activities the easier it is for everyone.


This demographic of our friends are becoming very frustrated. I (the author of this article) have spoken with many people who tell me they have been looking for group activities and social events for several years, and there is nothing out there. What few there are, are not publicized.

The internet is a wonderful tool for connecting people but it only works when those resources can be found searching. Some of the list of searches singles in Cache Valley are performing include, but not limited to: LDS singles activities, LDS singles conference, LDS singles calendar, LDS single adults conferences, multi stake singles, Stake dance Utah, LDS singles events, single adults LDS, Logan Utah singles, Cache Valley singles, Cache singles, LDS single adult, Logan singles, singles events near me, LDS singles over 60.

There are many more; too many to list. Now many of these search terms are clearly looking outside our community or area.  Clearly, they are nation wide searches. But most are LDS people looking for other single LDS people to get together with. It only makes sense to narrow the search by using a geographic limiter, like Logan or Cache Valley. That allows those who are from or around the valley who are looking for singles events near me to find those events and activities.

Are you aware that there is a Facebook page that lists all the church endorsed act ivies that are going on in the Valley? That’s right. Not many people know about it. It is the “Cache Singles 46 Plus” Facebook group. Those activities listed will be pretty much a mirror of the activities we list on our calendar. The differences being:  1) Some people use Facebook for everything. So that Facebook page is there for them to see the same information on this website.  2) The Facebook page lists events in the order posted. There is no way to view them in a calendar, or a sorted order or list. This website’s calendar provides various views where events and activities can be viewed as a list, calendar and filtered.   We have 3 areas you can view the calendar by:  North Coordinating Council, Central Coordinating Council, and South Coordinating Council.   Then we have filter categories so you can view by the type of event. These include dancing, firesides & FHE, BBQ/pot lucks, physical and sports activities and finally, non-physical activities such as games.


There are several LDS single adults conferences that take place each year. We are fortunate to have our own “LDS singles conference right here in Cache Valley. It is a Regional Single Adult Conference for LDS Singles 46 and up.   This conference will be held Friday evening September 8th and Saturday the 9th at the Aztec building in Logan Utah. We have the full bios of all of our workshop speakers listed on our website. There is a wide variety of subjects and is sure to not only be a spiritually uplifting experience but fun, engaging and social as well.   You can get details on this conference here.

This site is not about dating.   That is left to the individual. This is about Church sponsored wholesome uplifting LDS singles events where members can meet face to face, socialize and engage each other in conversation and interaction. The range of activities varies from LDS singles conference, physical activities, and gathering, spiritual firesides & home evenings, single adult dances, BBQs & pot lucks to service activities. It is surprising how many physically active LDS singles over 60 participate in. Pull your single friends off the couch and come out to the next event your Stake is invited to. You’ll meet new friends, engage in good conversation and be uplifted with the warm friendly atmosphere. Now don’t sit back and wait for people to come up to you and greet you. You need to be the one outgoing and you greet everyone. You’ll find everyone is your friend.

I recently heard a great story I’d like to share. It goes something like this.

A young family was looking to buy a home in a community a long distance from where they were living. Wanting to know what the neighborhood was like, they asked an elderly gentleman out watering his lawn, what they can expect as to what the community is like.

The wise man asked in reply, “What’s the community like you are moving from?”

“Terrible” came the reply. “The people are cold, rude and completely unfriendly. Nobody says hi.”

The wise man said, “I think that’s what you’ll find here, unfortunately”.

A few hours later another couple stopped by the same man asking a similar question. What is the community like as they were looking to relocate.

“What is the community like that you are moving from” came the response from the wise man.

“We love it. We’ll miss it dearly. All the people are so kind and friendly. It’s hard for us to move.” Responded the couple.

“That’s exactly what you’ll find in this community. You’ll find the people warm and friendly” said the wise man.

You find what you look for.  Don’t sit back and wait for personal invitations and outstretched hands to get involved.   The people who find those outstretched hands are finding their own hands outstretched to others.   Be that kind of person and join us in filling our spare time with happiness and enjoying friendships with others.

It is our hope that this website gets found in virtually all of the searches that people in Cache Valley, Logan Utah area, Box Elder County, Preston Idaho and Bear Lake area are doing on the internet. Logan is the central hub for these surrounding communities and many of those people are coming to Logan to participate in these activities. Come and get involved. Immerse yourself in these activities and those people around you and you will find a loving network of friends from diverse backgrounds.

Please invite your Stake Single Adult Rep to submit your Stake’s activities to be listed on this website via our “Contact Us” page.   Regrettably, we can’t list activities that our church leaders have not put their endorsement on. So church sponsored activities only.


We look forward to seeing you at either one of the LDS single adults conferences, a singles dance or some other activity. Getting out of the house and getting involved and fill your life with joy while interacting and serving others.